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BEST CITY & UNBEATABLE LIFESTYLE K–12 Education improvement, believe in intellectual risk taking, and care about creating a safe place to learn. They believe that to be prepared for their futures, it is necessary for students to develop a strong work ethic and tenacity. Irvine’s schools are also distinguished nationally as a result of the district’s extensive enrichment programs that are supported by strong partners such as the City of Irvine, Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF), and Irvine Company. The unprecedented level of support and funding create a uniquely holistic learning environment. Irvine’s successes in public education a re t h e re s u l t o f m e t i c u l o u s l o n g- term planning. As the city was master planned, schools became the core of each neighborhood, making education a cornerstone of Irvine life. Two school districts serve Irvine: Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) and Tustin Unified School District (TUSD). They are described below. IRVINE K–12 EDUCATION Nurturing Children to be Future Ready 2 Amazon employees with children grade level K-12 will be part of Irvine’s world-class public education system. It is renowned for hiring, training, and empowering the most talented educational leaders; creating an exceptional enrichment program supported by a dynamic community; and meticulous planning of the schools dating back to when the city was first designed. As a result, Y[]Hۜ\[BܙY]Hو]H[\^Y\[[[\H][[BXۚ^YY[ۘ[H[][ۘ[B܈^[[H[[XX˂\[x&\YX][ۈ\[HY\][ۂ[[ݘ]]H[\KYZ[\]ܜ[YX]ܜ[YHH\\[Hو۝[[\’TSHSQQQTP UT BۙHوHY\\ܛZ[\X[[YܛXB[Y\ۙHوHY\\ܛZ[™\X[[YܛXKUTYX]\˜HHHHHHHHHH LLY[[\Y[BXۚ^Y][ۘ[H[Y[ۘ[KB΋]\ ܙ“][ۘ[HXۚ^Y(UT]HXZ]YH][ۘ[YHXۈ]\ MH[Y\[H NN (UTY]HY[ۜ\[H[Y[H][ۈH]YZ&\8'\و[Y\Xx&\Y˸'B(YHY\Y܈]\XYX][ۈ[H][ۈBHԐSSVH[][ۈ[ M[UT\H\ Y]\\X]H[\YYԐSSVHYۘ]\H˂(UT\YۙHوH]H\X[H][ۈ܈Y[XY][Y[BHۜٚ]YX][ۈ]Y\[ M(H\X\ۜ\[HY[Xۚ^Y][ۘ[H\H8'\[][]H܂]\XYX][۸'HHHYHY\YSSH[][ۋ