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California State Incentives and Permit Streamlining This section outlines the state incentives and permit streamlining available to a project selected in California. We have a proven record of working with firms that make significant investments in our state. We have a number of flexible programs that can be tailored to meet your needs. For example, the state worked closely with industry and local government to bring the B-21 long range strike bomber contract to California. The information in this section responds to questions 2, 3 and 4 of your request for proposal. California Competes Tax Credit The California Competes Tax Credit program is a negotiated income tax credit awarded to competitive applicants for proposed growth in hiring and capital investment. It has spurred jobs and economic investment across the state. The Governor will propose an extension of five years in the 2018- 19 State budget. The budget is released January 10, 2018, and must be approved no later than June 15, 2018. Should California be selected as a potential Amazon HQ2 location, the Administration will work with the Legislature to pass legislation that provides certainty to Amazon in accessing these tax credits. Under current regulations, up to $40 million annually for five years (up to $200 million total) may be made available, and the credits can be carried forward for six years. Workforce Development and Training Programs California recognizes that Amazon’s HQ2 will require top technical and managerial talent. California is currently making significant investments in training through programs like the Strong Workforce Program (a $1 billion program) and the Workforce Accelerator program. 86 INCENTIVES The state is committed to linking Amazon with state and local workforce partners to accelerate skill development, create new apprenticeship models and strengthen the workforce base through the aforementioned programs. The Governor will work with Amazon and local community colleges and other stakeholders to designate funds to meet Amazon’s workforce needs. The state can also promote skill-development through its Employment Training Panel (ETP), a state agency that provides funds to offset costs for job skills training. The ETP can provide up to $10 million in funding for the Amazon HQ2 annually for the next ten years (up to $100 million total) as Amazon hires and trains its workforce at the new location and ETP funding is contingent upon contract approval by the panel. Streamlined Permitting and Environmental Review California understands that speed and certainty are two key contributors to successful projects. The Governor is committed to establishing a multi-agency “strike team” for a project the size of Amazon HQ2 that will facilitate and expedite all permits and approvals. The strike team will be led by the director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) and include leaders from appropriate regulatory agencies, and will coordinate with relevant utility service providers. California has taken significant steps in recent years to streamline the California Environmental Quality Act ( TPJH\܈[ܚ]HڙXˈTPH\]Z\\XXY[Y\Y[YHHYۚYX[[\ۛY[[[\XوHڙX[]Y܈Z]Y]H[KYX\XK\YX\P ^[YH؜[XۛZX[\ݙ[Y[Y[\ۛY[[XY\\Xو LH PL HX^Y]\YXX[]Y]܈[HTPH[[\ڙX]YY][\Hۜ\][ۈ[\˜[[ܝ][ۈYXY[Y\[ܙX]H \^Z[؜ˈ[\^[\HوX[ۜH]BZ[^Y]HHڙX\Y\][ۈ Ј H][YHYYHۜX[ۈوH]”Xܘ[Y[[\[KH[ H[\H\Y[H[Z][YXX[[YYY\[\Z][œܝ[ۜو]ڙXYY[܈\][ۈوTPH]Y]ˈHݙ\܈\\\Yœ\YHY][ۘ[Y\]]H[YY܈H[X^ۈLڙXY[^Y]Y\[BY\]\HX۝[\[[X\H N