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O4 AN EFFICIENT & CONNECTED REGIONAL HUB Irvine’s local, regional and global connectivity meets the demands of business and heightens cultural integration. 62 Irvine is geographically convenient and accessible. It is 36 miles from Los Angeles International Airport and just minutes from regional John Wayne Airport (serving more than 11 million passengers annually) with daily flights to Seattle, the Bay Area and New York. It is also approximately 30 minutes from Long Beach Airport. Irvine is served by three major freeway exchanges, expansive roadways and immediate highway access throughout the city. Irvine Station, a growing rail transportation hub, is Orange County’s second busiest station. It serves more than 1 million commuters annually and features extensive shuttle service transporting employees to the surrounding business district. While other cities are exploring how they retrofit an outdated transportation infrastructure, Irvine offers thoughtfully planned pedestrian- friendly transportation options, including more than 360 miles of on- and off-road bike lanes, pedestrian paths, shuttles, commuting initiatives and innovative ‘leap frog’ plans to harness shared economy and autonomous vehicles. Irvine’s master plan has remained ahead of the curve. Transportation connectivity between city, business, and education is the result of planning for roads, bikeways and the public rail and shuttle transportation systems that integrate with growing live-work villages. With $11 billion earmarked for future transportation improvements, the region will continue to set the pace for efficient connectivity well into the future. 6 FAA “HUB” AIRPORTS 63