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With top talent today and a pipeline for tomorrow, it’s always Day One. TOP SOCAL UNIVERSITY GRADUATE COUNTS (BACHELOR’S OR HIGHER, IN 000’S) 52 53 The Southern California region is home to more than 130 institutions offering 4-year degrees and collectively contributes nearly 160,000 undergraduates and post graduates per year. The region hosts multiple world-class universities, with seven ranked in US News & World Report’s Top 50, conveniently providing ‘same-day’ accessible recruiting options from the City of Irvine. Within these Top 7, UCI is a highly recognized, top 10-ranked public university in the US, with a $5 billion annual economic impact and annual enrollment of 34,000 students. With over 40% of undergraduate degrees conferred in STEM related fields (twice the national average), UCI represents the best of Southern California’s STEM talent pool. The university represents the third largest number of STEM degrees issued in SoCal, and graduates more STEM talent per year than USC, Caltech and Stanford combined. UCI is home to the largest combined Engineering and Computer Sciences program in California (5th largest in the US), and the only computing- focused school in the UC System. SoCal also houses Top 10 ranked Caltech in Pasadena. Enrolling fewer than 3,000 students, Caltech is extremely selective and ranked the world’s best small university. It currently counts 34 Nobel Laureates among its alumni. Home to the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Caltech’s unrivaled high-end learning and research facilities enable breakthrough talent. 15 13 9 8 6 2 USC UCLA UCI UCSD UCSB PEPPERDINE 1 CALTECH