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O3 TOP TALENT, STEM EDUCATION & A COMMUNITY OF INNOVATION Built upon the cornerstone of a top 10 research university and employing the highest concentration of STEM workers. 48 Irvine Spectrum is already the business home to 1,200 Amazon associates in addition to many other forward-thinking Fortune 500 companies and leading-edge start-ups who choose Irvine as the place to recruit and retain the best talent. More than 900 tech companies accompany premier universities, major biomedical research institutions, tech incubators, entrepreneurs and a growing venture capital community. Irvine already houses the professional employment base Amazon is specifically looking to hire, with 40% of its job base considered “office-using”, or white collar, and over 30,000 residents employed in STEM-related fields. Among large US cities, Irvine ranks #1 on share of employment in Amazon’s desired technical and managerial fields (which represent 54% of the city’s employment base and have recently grown at a rate of 4% a year). It is a community that cultivates a spirit of intellectual curiosity and passion for invention that pervades the culture of Irvine Spectrum and all of Southern California. 30 K + 32 STEM DEGREES PER YEAR IN SOCAL 30 Orange County’s labor market captures nearly 1.6 million people. Recent growth in its professional and technical labor market implies the county alone can easily satisfy Amazon’s demand for 50,000 high-wage employees in the coming years; and with nearly 100,000 software developers and over 2 million professionals across Southern California, talent recruitment options outside of Orange County also abound. 17 14 NY TRI-STATE AREA SOCAL BOSTON CHICAGO 14 BAY AREA 13 D.C. 12 PHI 9 DALLAS ANNUAL STEM DEGREES GRANTED (BACHELOR’S OR HIGHER, IN 000’S) 8 8 SACRAMENTO ATLANTA