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WORKING BACKWARDS PRESS RELEASE We understand that Amazon associates often use a “working backwards” internal press release to vet new ideas. We have borrowed this approach to introduce Irvine’s proposed HQ2 solution. ONE-CLICK HQ2 Amazon launches unique HQ2 solution to attract and retain tomorrow’s top talent. SUMMARY Today, Amazon announced the launch of its new HQ2 in the City of Irvine located in the heart 4 of Southern California. In an unprecedented public-private partnership, the City of Irvine and Irvine Company joined forces with Amazon to establish an innovation hub for global talent, with premium workspace requiring no upfront capital from Amazon. The clear choice for Amazon’s HQ2 is Irvine—a thriving city with regional access to more than 30,000 annual STEM graduates and more than 400,000 STEM professionals and top talent from around the world who choose the region for its high quality of life. Amazon decided to expand upon its current 1,200-person location in Irvine Spectrum, the business hub and lifestyle center of Orange County—which is the sixth largest county in the US and home to 3.2 million people. The company was able to accelerate its plans to immediately accommodate 10,000 employees into existing buildings in Irvine Spectrum, with capacity to locate another 10,000 people in one of three newly constructed Irvine campuses by the end of 2018. Southern California is attractive to Amazon as it has long been the home of customer-centric innovation, trend-setting companies, breakthrough technologies, inspiring storytelling, and a globally-connected, diverse and progressive population. The company chose Irvine because it believes the Amazon culture operates best in the fabric of a vibrant and diverse city, with sustainable physical and social infrastructure where its cultural diversity and energy fuels the minds of its creative and entrepreneurial workforce. Amazon opted to leverage Irvine Company’s capital resources, unparalleled credit rating and ownership flexibility to deliver all of their desired workspace in customized increments and terms, allowing Amazon to instead dedicate all its capital to grow the company’s global platform. SOLUTION THE CITY OF IRVINE AND IRVINE COMPANY ARE AMAZON’S HQ2 SOLUTION BASED ON AN OPTIMAL MATCHING OF FINANCIAL AND PHYSICAL RESOURCES, ALONG WITH THE BENEFITS FROM 50 + YEARS OF MASTER PLANNING FOR FUTURE WORKPLACE TALENT: • Globally-recognized talent pipeline from 7 of the Top 50 US Universities located within driving distance, including Top 10 public university, UCI • Thriving Irvine Spectrum district provides unmatched business and lifestyle opportunity • Efficient physical connectivity with well-planned land and air travel routes • Downtown and suburban residential options with world-renowned public school system • Modern, built-in fiber and broadband infrastructure • Multiple HQ2 sites with immediate, short and long-term availability for modern workspace • $0 upfront capital and flexible contract terms with Irvine Company’s unique qualifications   “We searched far and wide for the optimal HQ2 and Irvine was the best downtown environment with the talent, infrastructure and timeline to meet our immediate and long-term needs. Irvine Company provided a unique solution that allows Amazon to focus our capital on driving shareholder value.” Amazon Executive PROBLEM As Amazon continues to disrupt the status quo across an increasing number of industries, the company’s leadership determined this was an optimal moment to choose a second headquarters in a complementary city and region. This new location needs to have the infrastructure in place to meet Amazon’s rigorous connectivity needs and to accommodate up to 50,000 employees in a vibrant workplace community. HQ2 must be located in a desirable place that can act as a recruiting and retention tool. Most importantly, HQ2 must have a high concentration of existing STEM professionals, particularly software engineers, and a K-Higher Education pipeline of fresh talent. Finally, Amazon wants to move quickly with maximum flexibility to grow their footprint at the Day One pace of business.   “Amazon has been the ideal place to grow my career. I relocated to HQ2 in Irvine because great public schools for our children are a top priority. We were so pleased to find a vibrant, diverse lifestyle and business center in Irvine Spectrum. It’s truly the best of both worlds...and the weather isn’t bad either.” Amazon Employee 5