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A healthy and diverse housing market A digitally connected city 24 25 Orange County’s housing market can easily accommodate Amazon’s diverse and high-growth HQ2 workforce needs. The City of Irvine and its partners are committed to a healthy jobs/housing balance in close proximity to job centers. This helps enhance quality of life, reduce congestion, support long-term economic stability and provide a wide variety of available, nearby housing options for Amazon’s workforce. 1.1 M TOTAL HOUSING UNITS IN ORANGE COUNTY Irvine has built-in connectivity throughout the city. It is a fiber-rich community and one of only ten initial Google Fiber communities in the US. Irvine is broadly covered by both 3G and 4G LTE cellular technology by the four major mobile network operators and has already laid the groundwork to be a leader in 5G technology. It is also an innovative test bed for enterprise infrastructure, customer experience and community engagement capabilities. The UCI Cybersecurity Policy and Research Institute provides a great partnership opportunity to solve complex cybersecurity, legal and social issues. More than 50 years of smart planning and innovative technology maximize efficiencies and can accommodate Amazon’s immediate and long-term requirements. ONE OF ONLY 10 INITIAL CITIES SELECTED FOR GOOGLE FIBER