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October 12 , 2017
Jeffrey Bezos 1200 12 th Avenue South Suite 1200 Seattle , WA 98144
Dear Mr . Bezos :
I write to encourage you to give careful consideration to the many California cities interested in becoming the next home for Amazon ’ s newest headquarters .
Having already invested in new facilities in our state , and partnered with us on smart public policy solutions , Amazon knows firsthand what California has to offer - but it bears repeating .
The Golden State is home to the best universities and research institutions in the world , a uniquely qualified and talented workforce and the most dynamic combination of innovation and investment on the planet . In fact , more than half of all venture capital investment flows to California and more than a quarter of all new patents in America originate here . We also lead the nation in manufacturing output and jobs .
Beyond these strengths , we have a government in California that works - and our public investment in infrastructure and affordable housing solutions is unparalleled . In recent months I signed landmark legislation - passed by supermajority votes in the State Legislature - to help increase the supply and affordability of housing in California and invest $ 54 billion in our roads over the next ten years . We are also building the country ’ s only high-speed rail system .
AFFORDABLE CLASS A OFFICE RENTS 6.51 3.10 IRVINE AREA The ultimate recruiting and retention advantage for HQ2 3.63 3.77 DOWNTOWN SEATTLE WEST LA 4.89 5.50 WASHINGTON DC, CBD SILICON VALLEY 4.86 BOSTON CBD MANHATTAN A premier, business-friendly environment 22 23 Irvine is a thriving center of business, innovation and dynamic growth, and it keeps getting better. Housing over 900 technology companies and representing one of the most educated populations in the United States, Irvine is a business environment well-suited for Amazon’s consistently high-performing culture. The city’s growing tech corridor is already home to public company leaders like Blizzard Entertainment, CoreLogic, and Alteryx as well as emerging, venture- backed firms like Cylance and Autogravity. Local venture capital investment continues to grow. Orange County’s VC investment ranks in the Top 10 US metros (#9), and Irvine has captured over 50% of the county’s share since 2011. As Orange County’s tech market, Irvine is perfectly positioned to foster go-forward growth and innovation. 900 + TECH COMPANIES LOCATED IN IRVINE A thriving economy, comparatively low Class A office rents and a stable, business- friendly climate ensures the continuous reinvestment in high-functioning civic infrastructure and ongoing support of the entire community. With one of the highest office-using shares of employment among large cities in the nation, Irvine is Orange County’s preferred location for premier professional and technical talent. Catering to this demand, the city is home to a wide-array of office space solutions for businesses to grow and thrive, from low-rise creative office space to Class A high-rise towers. Compared to other gateway markets, Irvine offers excellent value—with Class A rents 15 H\[۝ۈX]x%[HݚY[H]X[]H[\ۛY[[Y\[H[[^X˂BVTSSSUQSQTPSёPHPHSTSHPS