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O1 THE BEST CITY Irvine’s 57 years of preparation and innovation make it uniquely qualified to be the future home for Amazon’s HQ2. MASTERFULLY PLANNED FOR SMART GROWTH 20 The foundation for developing America’s most successful planned city began with a visionary concept to create a large-scale sustainable community. It was designed to provide a thoughtful balance of working, living, learning and recreational environments. A historic land grant from Irvine Company to create the University of California, Irvine provided a foundation for innovative business, housing, shopping centers, a hierarchy of roads, and vital infrastructure without disrupting the natural landscape. Principles of long-term investment and ownership, thoughtful stewardship, continual innovation, exacting standards, exceptional customer experiences and collaborative citizenship have guided this bold, long-range vision. Careful management and an evolving roadmap that unfolds with the participation of residents, civic leaders, and city agencies have created one of the most desirable places to live in the United States and a perfect opportunity for Amazon to weave seamlessly into the fabric of the city. 21 10 YEARS AS TOP 20 MOST DESIRABLE PLACES TO LIVE IRVINE COMPANY CHIEF PLANNER RAY WATSON (RIGHT) IN THE 1960’S