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6 SOCAL AIRPORTS BUR/ONT/LAX/LGB/SNA/SAN Irvine’s John Wayne Airport ranked highest in satisfaction among large US airports 50 227 DAILY 69 26 66 DAILY DIRECT FLIGHTS TO SEATTLE DAILY DIRECT FLIGHTS TO SF BAY AREA DIRECT FLIGHTS TO NEW YORK AREA DAILY DIRECT FLIGHTS TO DC AIRPORTS Exhibit 4: US Venture Capital Investment Exhibit 5: Class A Office Rents Class A Office Rents ($/Mo. FSG) FPO Source: Thomson One. Irvine:​ ​​ The ​​ ​Dominant​ ​OC​ ​Employment​ ​Hub Source: CBRE (2Q17). Geographic areas based on CBRE market boundaries. 34 Within​ ​Orange​ ​County,​ ​I rvine​ ​i s​ ​a ​ ​l arge,​ ​ diversified​ ​e mployment​ ​h ub,​ ​w ith​ ​over​ ​ 267K​ ​residents, 43 265K​ ​jobs, 44 ​ ​and​ ​​nearly​ ​ 60M​ ​SF​ ​of​ ​commercial​ ​office​,​ ​industrial,​ ​ and​ ​R&D​ ​space. 45 ​ ​Together with​ ​Newport​ ​ Beach,​ ​t he​ ​c ity​ ​i s​ ​d efined​ ​a s​ ​a ​ ​t op,​ ​ and,​ ​p erhaps,​ ​“ the​ ​o nly”​ ​c onsideration​ ​ for​ ​o ffice space​ ​i n​ ​O range​ ​C ounty,​ ​p er​ ​ a​ ​variety​ ​o f​ ​t echnology​ ​C EOs​ ​c urrently​ ​ choosing​ ​I rvine​ ​a s​ ​t he primary​ ​l ocation​ ​ for​ ​their​ ​operations. 46 ​ ​​In​ ​addition​ ​to​ ​top- notch​ ​h uman​ ​capital​ ​a ccess​ ​( as​ ​well as​ ​ the​ ​luxuries​ ​afforded​ ​by​ ​the​ ​city’s​ ​10​ ​mile​ ​ distance​ ​to​ ​the​ ​ocean),​ ​Irvine​ ​is​ ​relatively cost​ ​effective​:​ ​Class​ ​A​ ​office​ ​rates​ ​are​ ​15%​ ​ below​ ​downtown​ ​ X]K8"8"[8"8"\8"8""8"L x"8"˜X\\["8"]]^x"8"X\]"8"Zx"8"[X۸"8"•[^K8"8"ә]"8"[ܚ"8"[8"8"\8"8"K["8"H[x"8"^\8""8"H[x"8""H""8"H8"8"[x"8"[x"8"ٙXx"8"X\] ""8"x"8"]x"8"ܙ\\["8"˜x"8"HX\\"8""8"H[x&\"8"XK]\["8"™[\[8"8"؈\K8"8"H8"8"\"8"\\Y8"8"›X\x"8"["8"ٸ"8"[8"8"ۙ]"8""8"ٙXK]\[؜"8"˜ܙX]Y8"8"ݙ\"8"x"8"\8"8"]\[8"8"YX\ˈ 8"8"ћ\"8"›ٸ"8"x"8"^8"8"\x"8"XX"8"X8"8"\[Y\šXY]X\\Y8"8"H"8"[x"8"[x"8"Hx"8"œXYX[x"8"ٛ[8"8"["8"\[x%x"8"۝[X\"8"ڝ\8"8"œx"8"ٸ"8"X]x&\[8"8" JK 8"8"x"8"\8"8"ٸ"8"x"8"˜[x&\"8"Sx"8"ܚ\"8"ܙ\Yx"8"["8"x"8"]x"8"Š K K H8"8" x"8"ٸ"8"&\"8"X\[Y\"8"˜\x"8"]Y8"8"H"8"H[x"8"L N L8"8"H8"8"ݙ\"8"L x"8"ٸ"8"[8"8"[x"8"ݙ[\x"8"\][8"8"\  ¸"8""x"8"\\Y[8"8"ٸ"8"њ[[N"8"[][۸"8"\[X]\"8" MK 8"8""P"8"̌ M"8"KVYX\"8"\[X]\˸"8""]8"8"ۙX\x"8"L K8"8"\[x&\"8"š؜""[][۸"8"ܘ]["8"ݚY\"8"x"8"[\]Yx"8"["8"[x"8"]x&\"8"Y \]X[]x"8"[[ܘ\X" H8"8""Дx"8"XۛY]X"8"Y\ܜ"8" MK 8"8""И\Y8"8"۸"8"X8"8"\[x"8"S"8"ٛ\"8"ܛ\8"8"[\Y]8"]8"8"\[x"8"\[x"8"["8"̌ Mš]x"8"ؙY["8"[\Y8"8"["8"\[KX\Y8"8"\ B\"8"[x"8"̌ LK LH8"8"\[x"8"["8"\\"8"ۙX\x"8"K 8"8"[\ L8"8"H\[x"8"\["8"H"8"X[8"8"؝\[\"8"[][]x"8"[8"8"Y\˂x"8"\K8"8"XX"8"Xx"8"\[Y\"8"›Zx"8"H]\[۸"8"Ј^\ 8"8"ܙ[X8"8"H8"8"[\^8"8"[Y\[8"8"ݙ[\KXXY8"8"ٚ\\"8"›Zx"8"[[x"8"[8"8"]]ܘ]]K8"8"ۈ[Y\\"8"˜][YYH\[\\"8"[8"8"\[x"8"YK"8""•x"8"]x"8"\"8"\Xx"8"][ۙY8"8""8"ٛ\"8"“ܘ[x"8"[x&\Yܝ\8"8"ܛ8"8"[8"8"š[ݘ][ۋ"8""Px"8"[\۸"8"ћܙX\8"8"[[\\"8"ٸ"8"ܘ[x"8"[x"8"ɸ"8"\[x"8"[\[8"8" MK8"8"\JK 8"8""\][8"8"Tx"8" MN"8"“ܘ[x"8"[x"8"Л"8"ٸ"8"\"8" MK H8"8""P"8"̌ M"8"KVYX\"8"\[X]\ L8"8""\][8"8"Tx"8" MN"8"\\\"8"U8"8"ٚ\\"8"ۛKBLB"8""\۸"8"ԙ]]\"8"ՙ[\x"8"\][8"8"[\Y[8"8"]X\x"8" MK L8"8""\[x"8"՚\]ܜ"8"\X][ۋ8"8"\[][۸"8"\[K"8""]8"8"͍x"8"^\"YX\8"8"R"8"[8"8"ܛ\"8"[\Y\"8"Kx"8"[8"8"ۚY"8"[\[K8"8"[8"8"Xݙx"8"x"8"̌"8"ۚY"8"\Y8"8"؞BB[X^۸"8"[\YY\"8"["8"̌ M