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IRVINE​ ​C ITY​ ​G OVERNMENT​ ​&​ ​C OMMUNITY 7 57 K # ACRES OF PERMANENTLY PRESERVED OPEN SPACE ON THE IRVINE RANCH NATIONAL RANKING OF IRVINE’S PARK SYSTEM BY THE TRUST FOR PUBLIC LAND 24 1 M 28 # GALLONS DELIVERED DAILY THROUGH IRVINE’S PIONEERING RECYCLED WATER SYSTEM IRVINE COMPANY’S NATIONWIDE RANKING FOR ENERGY-EFFICIENT BUILDINGS 1 M NUMBER OF TREES PLANTED BY IRVINE COMPANY OVER THE LAST 50 YEARS Fiscally​ ​Strong Irvine​ ​h as​ ​recently​ ​b een​ ​ranked​ ​by​ ​t he​ ​ Fiscal​ ​T imes ​ ​a s​ ​​f irst​ ​i n​ ​t he​ ​n ation​ ​for​ ​i ts​ ​ fiscal management​. 30 The​ ​city’s​ ​budget​ ​is​ ​ guided​ ​by​ ​t he​ ​core​ ​values​ ​of​ ​i nnovation, integrity, professionalism,​ ​f lexibility,​ ​a nd​ ​ responsiveness​ ​i n​ ​o rder​ ​t o​ ​m eet​ ​t he​ ​ demands​ ​of​ ​a​ ​growing​ ​city. The​ ​City​ ​Council​ ​has​ ​mindfully​ ​built​ ​into​ ​ its​ ​budgeting​ ​process​ ​a​ ​goal​ ​of​ ​achieving​ ​a​ ​ 25​ ​percent contingency​ ​reserve,​ ​ ,-ϊ,,)х,-ѡ,-ѥѥٗ,-ѿ,-ѥٕ,-ɔ,-ϊ,,)ͥ,-ѥ̸)Ё䳊,-Ё,-ԁ́ɔ,-́,,)х䳊,-Ё,-eϊ,-ɅՍɗ,,)ٕѵӊ,-ɽɅ,-ӊ,-,,)ѡ,-LɅѕ,-ͥϊ,-@,-ϊ,-,,)ѕ,-ɽ,-,-ٔ啅ˊ,-ѿ,-,-ѕ啅)ɥ齸) ̵ͥɥ)%٥,-ϊ,-ѕ,-Ё,-́ѥ,-ϊ,,)ɽݥ,-ٕͥ,-,-ݥѣ,,)ፕѥ,-Չ͕٥ϊ,-,-ɽɅϊ,,)ѡӊ,-ӊ,-ѥ,-%٥,-͕ͥϊ,-ϊ,,)ݕ,-ϊ,-ɽѥٗ,-͕ͥ́,-ѿ,,),-ˊ,-ɕї,-ѿ,-%٥)Q͗,-͕٥ϊ,-,-ɽɅϊ,-Ց,-,,)ٕӊ,-ͥх,-ѕȳ,-ѽÊ,,)ɵӊ,-ѕȰѕ,-ͥϊ,-ͽ,,)х,-,-ɕɕˊ,-շ,-,-ͥϊ,,)Չѽȳ,-,-ѡ̸)ٕ͔)I镓,-ϊ,-,-,-ѡ,-ӊ,-ѡ,,)ٕ͗,-ѥϊ,-,-ѡ,-չ䳊,-%٥,-Ʌϊ,,),-́ձɅ,-؁Ʌ,-Ё,-,-Ё,,)ٕϊ,-,-ϊ,-ɕͥϊ,-,-ݽɭ̸)9,-ѡ,-չϊ,-ˊ,-,-ɥ,-,,)%٥eϊ,-ձѥ,,-܁ѣ,,Ѐ̗,-,-$٥eϊ,,)ձѥͥ,,Ѐ,- Սͥ,-,,(ė,-!()Qɽ՝,-ձѥձɅ,-ɽɅϊ,-,,)ͥѕˊ,-,-ɕѥ̳͡,-ѡ, ,-,-%٥)ɕϊ,-Ё,-م՗,-,-ٕѥ,-,-,,)ѥ,-Ё,-ϊ,-,-ϊ,-ٕ͗,-)ɽݥ,-չ今,-<ٕˊ,,ԀÊ,-ձɕϊ,,),,Ê,-٥ͥѽϊ,-,-ѿ,-%٥,-ˊ,-)ͥɗ,-,-Y,-ѥم+,-͍,-Q̰İȃ,- ,-,-%٥,- Ցа̰Ѓ,- ,-,-%٥(