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October 12, 2017 These are among the many reasons why 53 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in cities across the state and why 24 of the 100 fastest growing companies - including four of the top ten - call California home. Put simply: there is no better place for a business like yours to continue to grow. Jeffrey Bezos 1200 12 th Avenue South Suite 1200 Seattle, WA 98144 I look forward to speaking with you about how we can work together to bring Amazon’s newest headquarters to California. Dear Mr. Bezos: Sincerely I write to encourage you to give careful consideration to the many California cities interested in becoming the next home for Amazon’s newest headquarters. 12 Having already invested in new facilities in our state, and partnered with us on smart public policy solutions, Amazon knows firsthand what California has to offer - but it bears repeating. The Golden State is home to the best universities and research institutions in the world, a uniquely qualified and talented workforce and the most dynamic combination of innovation and investment on the planet. In fact, more than half of all venture capital investment flows to California and more than a quarter of all new patents in America originate here. We also lead the nation in manufacturing output and jobs. Beyond these strengths, we have a government in California that works - and our public investment in infrastructure and affordable housing solutions is unparalleled. In recent months I signed landmark legislation - pass YH\\XZܚ]H\[H]HY\]\H H[[ܙX\HH\H[YܙX[]Hو\[[[YܛXH[[\ M[[ۈ[\Yݙ\H^[YX\ˈH\B[Z[[H[x&\ۛHY \YYZ[\[KY[ۙˈۈL