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• Bikeshare As an amenity for residents and employees of Irvine Company communities, Irvine Spectrum features nearly 200 bikes and a dozen stations for convenience and to explore the extensive network of bike trails in the area. So what would it be like for an Amazonian to live here? One resident, John Desario, has a car that Desario, 23, moved to Los Olivos Apartment sometimes doesn’t move for days. When Village when his work relocated, putting you can walk to Whole Foods or order food him just one and a half miles from his on demand from the many choices at the job within the Irvine Spectrum. While he Irvine Spectrum Center and your favorite loves his short commute, the icing on the neighborhood eateries and ride your bike cake was the opportunity for him to train to work, dependency on a car dwindles and for his first triathlon at home. He swims you have more time to pursue your interests. at the double Junior Olympic size pool at “Most of my friends live in this area. I have home, and bikes and runs on the extensive weekends where I don’t need to leave Irvine. trail system connecting Los Olivos with I can ride my bike or take the shuttle to the thousands of acres of preserved open movies, park, or Irvine Spectrum Center, space. Uber to the beach, or access the mountain biking trails from home.” 16 SoCal Lifestyle — Renowned Across the Globe C h ro n i c l e d s i n c e t h e f i r s t d a y s o f Hollywood, the Southern California lifestyle is renowned across the globe. A natural setting of striking physical beauty includes beaches and coastlines, open hills and mountain ranges, and provides a n e n d l ess reso u rce of re c rea t i o n , activity, adventure and amusement. Southern California is also a global trend- setting environment for world class arts, entertainment, fashion, food and culture. Southern California has always been the home of new ideas, cultural trends, technologies, stories, and fascinating companies and people. It’s a culture of innovation and creativity; a landscape as far-reaching as Amazon’s business that is rich in resources, opportunity, access and an unparalleled quality of life. It spans from San Diego to Los Angeles, and includes Hollywood, the South Bay, Silicon Beach and all communities in between. The region is one of the most productive in the world—if it were a country, Southern California would rank 15th largest among global economies. It is home to nearly 17 million people. CITY OF IRVINE ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA / SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BASE MAP Orange County —The Heart of Southern California Irvine is at the center of the 6th largest county in the United States. Orange County, home to 3.2 million people, conveniently accesses the full breadth of natural, economic and lifestyle resources of the region. It is admired as a growing, global center of disruptive contemporary design, innovation and exchange. Orange County is a truly unique business and c u l t u r a l e n v i ro n m e n t s e t w i t h i n a landscape of inspiring natural beauty. Orange County is also a world-renowned destination for business and tourism with more than 40 miles of majestic coastline, iconic destinations like Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, and more than 500 hotels and 55,000 guest rooms. Surrounding the City of Irvine is a tapestry of distinctive Orange County cities and coastal communities, including Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Corona del Mar, and Huntington Beach, which meet the lifestyle priorities and commuting preferences of a dynamic workforce. It is among the country’s most desirable places to live and work. 17