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56 Orange County Great Park —Vibrant Arts and Sports Hub Irvine Spectrum is also adjacent to the Orange County Great Park (the “Great Park”) where Amazon employees and residents will have access to one of the nation’s largest parkland, arts and sports hubs. Located at the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, a 688-acre section of the approximate 1,300-acre publicly owned Great Park, is currently under development for a hub of sports, recreation, arts, and cultural uses to foster a healthy, active, and enriching lifestyle. great-park The Great Park currently features sports, playground and cultural amenities, and is opening the 194-acre Sports Park in phases. Offerings include: • The Palm Court Arts Complex Home to the Great Park Gallery, the Great Park Artist Studios, and Hangar 244, a 10,000 square foot event center. • The Farm + Food Lab A unique and interactive outdoor classroom to educate and inspire visitors of all ages, featuring themed raised-bed gardens, fruit trees, vertical gardening, a worm compost bin and solar and wind-powered lights. T h e G rea t Pa r k w i l l a l so h o u se t h e Anaheim Ducks’ $100 million Community Ice Facility, the largest public ice facility in California and one of the largest in the United States. When the 270,000 square foot building across 13.5 acres opens in fall 2018, it will have three NHL-size playing surfaces and one international size that will feature 2,500 seats. The Irvine City Council this year will consider plans for the Great Park’s future 223-acre Cultural Terrace with priority uses of a permanent amphitheater, a lake, museums and a library. Other uses could include a water park and a botanical garden. 14 15 • Sports Park Newly opened in fa  MH\\HوHܝ\X]\\H\Y][B]X][܈ K  H[\\]H[^X[\^\XܛBY[[H[[&\^H\XKHۙK[Z[K[ۙZ]^H[Y\X[Z[ [YH\\YH[]YK[[]H M[ۙ]HXۙ[[&\^H\XKHܙX]\&\ܝ\^\] ̈Xܙ\[[YN([[[ N8% L\X[[ٝ[Y[XX]ۙH[\[ۜ\Y][N˜[^[ܙH\XܛHY[ˈYX[Hܝ\[HH N XXܙK N BH\H[[ NK([[[ Nx%[^[Y\H[X[\[YܚX[\H\XN[B[YHܜY܋ۛXY[][]Y\8%]H\YB][\[\X\Y\[]\[\[HX[K܈X[HYX\\[H\[B[H]Hو\[H]HXYH[ؚ[]H[][K[[[ܝ[]Y\X\XK۝[Y[ [X\H܈]\Y[[[\YY\ˈH\XHX]\\H[œ\H[X^ۈ[\YY\[\Y[΂(T]B[\YY\\Y[[\]ܜ[[ݙH\[X\[HXHT]KH]H\[B\]YHH]Hو\[H[Hܘ[H[H[ܝ][ۈY[KH]BݚY\XZ\[]]H\XHۛX[\[H][ۈH\[HX[B\XH[\[[\\\Y[[][]Y\[\[HX[H[\(Y\\[”[H NN Hۜٚ][ܝ][ۈX[Y[Y[\X][ۈ[YX[[[ۂ\[Y\[Y\[Z\[\YY\HݚY[\X\[\YBY\\[\[[[Y[HZ[[H\