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One of the Highest Performing Districts in California • IUSD schools have been awarded the California Distinguished Schools/Gold Ribbon designation 70 times since 1986. • High school SAT scores consistently rank top in Orange County and in the state with more than 90% of high school graduates attending college. Distinctive Attributes and Programs •  Progressive Leadership  I U S D i s l e d b y S u p e r i n t e n d e n t Terry Walker, who is the only K-12 s u p e r i n te n d e n t re p rese n t a t i ve i n the state to sit on the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California Board of Directors. As a result of his efforts, he brought the first-ever 100-gigabit per second K-12 internet connection to all 27 school districts in Orange County. •  Diverse Population That Speaks More Than 70 Languages    I USD attracts students globally with a population that speaks more than 70 languages with nearly 40 percent having a primary language other than English. Its website is uniquely available in 104 languages. 4 • I n 2017 IUSD was the 2nd-highest performing school district in California in Math and English Language Arts/Literacy, outperforming Orange County and state score averages. • IUSD students continue to receive top honors at the annual Orange County Science & Engineering Fair, sending the most students to the state competition. • More than half of the Youth Ensemble Pacific Symphony musicians are IUSD students (152 out of 220 musicians), more than any district in the state. • In 2016, IUSD sent the most students to the California National History Day Competition with several teams advancing to and placing at the national competition. •  Strong Partnerships to Support Excellence  The city and private sector play a l a rge ro l e to s u p p o r t I US D g i ve n its recognition that part of Irvine’s continuing story in attracting families and businesses from around the world is the excellence in its schools. • C  ity of Irvine: “Part of Irvine’s Continuing Story is Excellence in its Schools”    As part of its long-term commitment to excellence in education, the city approved a $9.7 million package for its 2017- 18 budget, an unprecedented amount nationwide for a city that doesn’t directly operate its public school system. 5