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A high priority on education A commitment to the arts 42 43 In addition to world-class universities and a highly-educated workforce and population, Irvine is home to one of the leading K-12 public educational systems in the United States. Irvine is world- renowned for hiring and empowering the most talented educational leaders, providing exceptional enrichment programs and meticulously planning its schools. Students have consistently scored at the top of state standardized test rankings and are routinely recognized nationally for excellence in all subjects. Irvine’s progressive education system values intellectual risk-taking and provides extensive enrichment programs and STEM education opportunities. This spirit of intellectual pursuit helps sustain a creative and diverse culture and meets the rigorous standards of Irvine’s highly- educated, professional community. Orange County boasts a thriving performing and visual arts community: from local and regional galleries, exhibits and shows to symphonies, performances and major productions at the South Coast Repertory, the Segerstrom Center for the Arts and seasonal visual arts displays such as the Pageant of the Masters and the Sawdust Art Festival. This commitment to the arts extends to the elementary and high school level with strong on-going public and private grants for its enrichment programs. For 2017, financial support included nearly $10 million by the City of Irvine and $5 million by Irvine Public School Foundation (IPSF). To date, Irvine Company has also gifted $40 million to support excellence in enrichment programs. 90 % IRVINE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES WHO ATTEND COLLEGE