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TOP 6 REASONS TO CHOOSE IRVINE O1 THE BEST CITY A masterfully planned, thriving center of business and innovation in the nation’s fastest growing large city 16 O2 AN UNBEATABLE LIFESTYLE Ranked among the most desirable cities to live in the United States for 10 straight years, it’s the best of Southern California O3 TOP TALENT & STEM EDUCATION Built upon the cornerstone of a Top 10 Public University, centered in a region employing the highest concentration of STEM workers in the country, it’s a deep resource pool for forward-thinking companies O4 CONNECTED REGIONAL HUB At the geographic center of Southern California with an efficient, well-connected transportation network O5 17 UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES FOR A CONNECTED CAMPUS Highly attractive HQ2 opportunities in the heart of a thriving business and lifestyle district O6 A ONE-CLICK HQ2 Fully entitled, requiring no capital from Amazon and available immediately