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Exhibit 6: Large Employers in Irvine Lastly,​ ​a nd​ ​p erhaps​ ​m ost​ ​i mportantly,​ ​ Irvine​ ​a lready​ ​h ouses​ ​t he​ ​h igh-quality​ ​ employment​ ​base Amazon​ ​is​ ​specifically​ ​ looking​ ​t o​ ​h ire.​ ​A mong​ ​l arge​ ​US​ ​c ities,​ ​ Irvine​ ​ranks​ ​# 1​ ​o n​ ​s hare​ ​of employment​ ​ in​ ​A mazon’s​ ​d esired​ ​t echnical​ ​a nd​ ​ managerial​ ​f ields​ ​( 54%​ ​o f​ ​t he​ ​c ity’s​ ​ e m p l oy m e n t b a s e) ; ​ ​f u r t h e r,​ ​t h e s e​ ​ segments​ ​have​ ​grown​ ​at​ ​4%​ ​a​ ​year​ ​since​ ​ 2010. Exhibit 7: Irvine’s National Employment Share Ranks 3 Source: CoStar; Orange County Business Journal Book of Lists; Irvine Company. Proven​ ​Attractiveness:​ ​Irvine​ ​Spectrum Customer​ ​Testimonials The​ ​combination​ ​of​ ​talent,​ ​relative​ ​costs,​ ​ and​ ​a menities​ ​t hat​ ​t he​ ​I rvine​ ​S pectrum​ ​ office​ ​m arket​ ​i s able​ ​to​ ​p rovide​ ​y ields​ ​a​ ​ 36 plethora​ ​of​ ​satisfied​ ​office​ customers.​ ​A​ ​ sampling​ ​of​ ​l ocal​ ​company testimonials​ ​ is​ ​below: • “O ur​ ​n ew​ ​h eadquarters​ ​i n​ ​I rvine​ ​​g ives​ ​u s​ ​t he​ ​o pportunity​ ​t o​ ​recruit​ ​a nd​ ​retain​ ​ a wo rkforce ​ ​​t ha t ​ ​refl e cts​ ​th e​ ​cu ltu re​ ​an d ​ ​passio n s​ ​of​ ​o u r​ ​company.” Michael​ ​Comperda,​ ​Chief​ ​Technology​ ​Officer​ ​and​ ​President​ ​at​ ​Curse/Amazon 53 • “We​ ​a re​ ​g rowing​ ​a t​ ​a ​ ​r apid​ ​a nd​ ​e xciting​ ​p ace​ ​a nd​ ​w e’re​ ​l ooking​ ​f or​ ​t he​ ​b est​ ​ talent​ ​i n​ ​t he industry.​ ​T his​ ​b uilding​ ​o ffers​ ​a ​ ​s tate-of-the-art​ ​s pace​ ​a nd​ ​ has​ ​t he​ ​r ight​ ​f ootprint​ ​f or​ ​o ur growing​ ​U .S.​ ​o perations.​ ​​I t​ ​h as​ ​t he​ ​t ype​ ​o f​ ​ amenities​ ​t hat​ ​w ill​ ​a ttract​ ​ ܁ɱ́хӊ,/-,-ӊ,-܁,-,-ԁϊ,-Ё,-ɕї,-,,)ѕɅ,-ݽɯ,-٥ɽӊ,-Ёӊ,-܁,-ɔˊ,-Ё,-Ё,-Ê,-مѥt$)5ѥ,-5,-չȳ,- ɵ,-,- ?,-ӊ,-ɕ݅ٗ,-Mѕ̀+p Ёԁ,-ȁ؁Ѓ,-,/-Ё,-܁ȁ,-؁ȁЃ,-܁,-,-Ё,-,,)Ёєˊ,-ȁ,-ȁԁȃ,-ԁѼ̳,-,-ЁЃ,-̃,-ԁȃ,-ԁЁє,-,t$)5ͅɿ,-5ɼ,-Aɕͥӊ,-,- <,-5鑇,-9ѣ,-ɥ,-=Ʌѥ̀+p-P,-Lշ,-ɕ,-ϊ,-,-Ջ,-ˊ,-ɽѣ,-,-ˊ,-/,-,-,-ݕəճ,,)Ѽ,-Ѽ,-ɔȁԁЁЁ,-Ѓ,-,-ȁѕЃ,-̃,-ȃ,-́ԁЁ,-ɽ܁Ёt$)Mջ,-]͠,-MYC,-ӊ,- 居(̰а԰)%٥,- )A<(()ɥ չMٕ؀ĵeȁѥѕ̸1ɝѥ́́٥ձѥٕ́Ȁ,M݅ɔɥх́ЁمЁ䀡%٥ٕ(