On Your Doorstep Issue 8 - Page 8

BRIAN COOKE ARPS, AFIAP HARPENDEN TREES Harpenden is a picturesque Hertfordshire in Rothamsted) and Spring (Rothamsted The magnificence of some of the trees in ‘village’ with large areas of open spaces Park Avenue of Trees in Spring). Recently, Harpenden can be seen in “Station Road which include the Harpenden Common hosts of daffodils have been planted on in Winter”. Their fine filigree structure is in and Rothamsted Park. One of the main both outer sides of the avenue (Avenue of contrast to the “Station Road in Summer” attractions of Harpenden is the wonderful Daffodils). image where the trees are in full bloom. trees which change dramatically with the seasons from the golden brown of Across the park is an attractive umbrella of group of trees on the Common near the Autumn, the brilliant snow of Winter and trees. “Misty Autumn Morning” illustrates Silver Cup. These are known as the “Baa- the intense green of Summer and Spring. their wonderful shape. Rothamsted Park is Lamb Trees”. The name may be derived The photographs which follow illustrate a favourite walking route in Harpenden. In from the time when sheep were allowed to these dramatic changes. “A Winter Walk in Rothamsted Park” the graze on the Common or alternatively the two walkers and their dog were captured name may be from the family Balaam who The image of “Rothamsted Park Avenue in just the right position with the umbrella owned the land. of Trees in Autumn” is one of my all-time of trees being balanced by the other trees favourites. It captures the wonderful on the right hand side. Just across the golden tones of this season. The dramatic fields from here “A Peaceful Winter Scene” seasonal changes are illustrated with the was taken. same scene in Winter (Enjoying the Snow A Peaceful Winter Scene, Rothamste 8 A familiar landmark in Harpenden is the