On Your Doorstep Issue 8 - Page 6

FILM SHOOTERS COLLECTIVE: RAJ MOHAN 132 FILM SHOOTERS COLLECTIVE: 150 AMY JASEK These artists’ works were made on film, using traditional methods to expose negatives, develop films and print imaages. The B&W medium they use draws our eyes to the textures, shapes and light that can sometimes be lost in amongst colours 132 18 150 6 Editors: Karen & Mick Thurman On Your Doorstep magazine is the love child of Karen Thurman, Lisa Dorenfest and Mick Thurman. By showing the immense beauty of nature and inviting other artists to do the same, we use art to inspire nature’s protection. Issue 8, published online April 2019 All images are (c) their makers. If you’d like more information on how to submit to the magazine or how you can support our mission to bring the beauty of nature to millions of people, send an email to info@thurmanovich.com