On Your Doorstep Issue 8 - Page 4

CONTENTS HARPENDEN PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY HARPENDEN TREES 8 Brian Cooke give us an insiders’ view of the trees in his local parks. RESTORATION OF SOUTHDOWN PONDS 20 18 A walk through the restoration of historic ponds in a local Common, told by Clennell Collingwood who lives nearby. ODE TO SHARPENHOE CLAPPERS 32 Bruce Chamberlain-Clark celebrates the beauty of a much-overlooked beauty spot near home ARRAN ROCKS 48 48 Colin Southgate’s intimate look at the coastline of the Isle of Arran in Scotland. GILLIAN WOODBRIDGE 62 Gillian brings us an explosion of colours which is also a lovesong to the flowers she sees. IAIN FRY 76 Peter’s autumn trees show us that our woodlands and forests don’t need to be decked out in neon colours to be beautiful. 92 RICHARD GIBBS Iain’s landscapes bring us the beauty of the United Kingdom JAMES COOK James Cook’s mix of realist and abstract views of the land pay tribute to the beauty we can all find on our doorsteps. 4 PETER STEVES Richard brings us the moods of the Welsh hills and mountains, much enjoyed by walkers from all over the world 108 116