On Your Doorstep Issue 8 - Page 3

NOTE UNDER THE DOORMAT Welcome back to On Your Doorstep Magazine. This is lucky It’s not just in-person gatherings that influence me. In issue number 8. I know it’s lucky not only because I grew up the vast, almost overwhelming world of social media, in the Far East (where this number is revered) but because I found the Film Shooters Collective, a group of like- it’s in my DNA. My dad, who died at the end of January, minded individuals who still shoot film, who appreciate was born and grew up in the Russian enclaves in China and the slow, almost meditative nature of the process and he knew how important the number 8 is for prosperity. who thrive on trying all kinds of wild and wonderful things, often taking me way outside my comfort zone. My dad was a long-time photographer, who worked in a They’ve seen me through my transition to large format photographic studio for some time retouching the glass photography, helped when my enlarger decided to negatives that were used before film became so prolific. He play silly-buggers, and more. I’m thrilled to include the loved all sorts of photography, but was especially drawn to beautiful works of members Amy Jasek and Raj Mohan. people. He was a stoic man who learned early not to share too much emotion, but photography was something we Literally on my own doostep...Mick and I run a small enjoyed doing together and we bonded over it. My dad was monthly photographic “salon” at home called Iris. The my first photographic inspiration. He was also generous and works our members produce have left me awed, jealous, constructive with his feedback, and although it sometimes impressed and occasionally confused but always inspired smarted, my photography is better for it. I miss that, and his to do better, try harder, step up my game. I hope you’ll quiet encouragement to do, and be, the best I can. enjoy the works of Peter Stevens and Colin Southgate, two of our members. Of course I’m also inspired by the greats like Ansel Adams, Peter Dombrovskis, Sebastiao Salgado, Robert Glenn Of course there’s more to art than photography. My Ketchum. These photographers not only made images that mother loved all art in a big, big way. She read about it captured our imaginations, but they also worked tirelessly voraciously, managed a team of museum volunteers, to inpsire and promote the protection of nature. led tours and wrote for art magazines. Most of all, she loved finding hidden artistic talent. So in honour of It’s easy to be inspired by the big names, but I’m also my mom, we bring you the oil paintings of Israeli artist inspired by people closer to home. Mick and I are members Yosi Lubalsky, who shares with us rich scenes of fertile of the Harpenden Photographic Society, and the work of lands and growth in a country that just 80 years ago was our members often drives me to try different ideas. In this mostly arid desert. issue you’ll find the work of some members celebrating nature, whether that is the story of a local pond (Clennell Who are your inspirations? What draws you to nature? Collingwood), an exploration of the beauty of flowers Did any of our artists resonate with you? We’d love (Gill Woodbridge), an ode to a local walking spot (Bruce to hear from you at info@thurmanovich.com or in our Chamberlain), a celebration of an underrated and too-oft newly resurrected Facebook group On Your Doorstep. ignored area in southern Wales (Richard Gibbs), a general paean to nature (Iain Fry and James Cook), or a walk among Karen Thurman the trees in Harpenden through the seasons (Brian Cooke). Editor 3