On Your Doorstep Issue 8 - Page 132

RAJ MOHAN I have spent most of my life in urban environments – a result borne more of circumstance than choice. On the relatively few occasions that I am able to spend time in nature, I find the experience to be absolutely thrilling on the one hand, and immensely peaceful on the other. Whether I am in a local park, forests, deserts or mountains, I am humbled by the grand scale of geology, the intricacies of biology, and just the sheer beauty of the natural world. As I compiled the images presented here, I recalled with great pleasure the combination of awe and serenity that I felt when I made them. Elliott Erwitt said: “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words”. Although words are wholly inadequate to explain how I feel about photography and being in nature, the best verbal description I can conjure is that they are meditative, soothing experiences that seem to restore a sense of balance within me. 132