On Your Doorstep Issue 7 - Page 96

EMILIE NUNN HORIZON The series ‘Horizon’ has used the seascape as a metaphor. and horizon become a mirror. The viewer’s experience and The horizon being the meeting of two of nature’s greatest reading of the images are left open and exposed; the notion forces, the horizon also symbolises the viewers awareness, of the horizon symbolising the awareness and understanding involvement or intent. Within art practices the horizon is depending on the viewers perspective. Like all mirrors, each used as a means of controlling the viewers perspective. reflection changes depending on the viewer. The horizon becomes a reference line from which the viewer extends their view outwards to the narrative of the Throughout history colour has been used as a symbol for scene. The images within the series explores this sense of emotions. In the same way nature has its own emotions and perspective. The repeated scenes add a sense of familiarity seasons, this series aims to reflect this through its use of to the seascape, a reflection of how within our daily lives colour. The use of colours within the images are used to aid nature is often seen but not truly experienced. The series or hinder certain feelings and responses to the scene in the confront the viewer to see the beauty within the image; the hope that one image will become the true reflection of the open, infinite, powerful space that is nature. viewer; the viewer’s own horizon seascape and their own true version of nature. In the same way a mirror reflects an The exposed, raw version of nature which is captured image, the images within the series reflect back emotions. within the image aims to reflect the viewer. The seascape Black 96