On Your Doorstep Issue 7 - Page 70

DANI LEFRANCOIS PUSHING THE LIMITS As landscape photographers, we are drawn to the light and images and let the landscape, weather and conditions dictate the way it touches the landscape. We check the weather apps how we are going to be creative. and try to find those ideal conditions to get beautiful pink sunrises or warm orange sunsets. We study the moon phases During the summer months many places get affected by and may only go out during the new moon or during the forest fire smoke. Some smoke is thin and it can add a times of year when the Milky Way’s galactic core is visible. wonderful layering effect to the landscape. Sometimes, Are these the only times when we can create? What about all the smoke is so think you can’t see across the valley, so those other times when conditions may not be easy or ideal? you improvise and find closer objects like within a forest or These are the times when we have to put away previsualized mountains that you can get closer to. Above: Cochrane, Alberta – Looking back towards the Canadian Rockies DANI LEFRANCOIS "Dani Lefrancois is a self-taught Canadian landscape photographer currently based in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. She is originally from the Niagara Region in Southern Ontario. In 2011 she followed her passion of photographing the mountains and moved to Banff National Park in Alberta. When she was young she spend most summers at summer camps and on road trips exploring all over Ontario and the East Coast of Canada. Inspired by a statement from her mother that encouraged her to "explore your own country first" she developed a strong passion for her local landscapes and Canada. Dani continues to explore and road trip around her home in the western part of Canada." 70 Right: Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park – Fireweed & Fire Smoke