On Your Doorstep Issue 7 - Page 4

CONTENTS THE DOLOMITES 6 Adriana Benetti Longhini takes us on a tour around the Asiago region of Italy, better a for its cheeses IN PRAISE OF FLOWERS 36 Jodie Hogarth celebrates the beauty of nature with her ethereal portraits of flowers we all know. BEYOND 36 54 Heather Miller celebrates the rural, agrarian landscape near home with her vibrant paintings 54 On Your Doorstep magazine is the love child of Karen Thurman, Lisa Dorenfest and Mick Thurman. By showing the immense beauty of nature and inviting other artists to do the same, we use art to inspire nature’s protection. Editors: Karen & Mick Thurman Issue 7, published online October 2018 All images are (c) their makers. 6 4 If you’d like more information on how to submit to the magazine or how you can support our mission to bring the beauty of nature to millions of people, send an email to info@thurmanovich.com