On Your Doorstep Issue 7 - Page 36

JODIE HOGARTH, ARPS IN PRAISE OF FLOWERS Living on the east coast of the UK, I find myself in the perfect While researching ideas for the Fine Art course I knew that location for so many different photo opportunities. I live I wanted to incorporate flowers in my work. I wanted to use on the outskirts of a town but have open fields directly my camera to portray their natural beauty and delicate nature behind my house. A two minute walk takes me to a river and my aim is to use the images as a major part of a mixed with marshlands and a wooded area where there is a myriad media artwork. The scents and bright colours of flowers of wildlife. A twenty-minute drive takes me to Cleethorpes instantly have a positive effect on people; they bring a which again gives so many options for fantastic photos with vibrancy to dull rooms and make people feel loved and happy the beaches and saltmarshes. We’re also lucky to have the when they receive them as a gift. I hope that the photographs amazing Donna Nook nature reserve close by where grey and mixed media artwork that I produce will have the same seals come to give birth every year during the months of effect on people. November and December. Above: Marguerite 36 Right: Fuscia