On Your Doorstep Issue 4 - Page 6

ALEXANDRA KEHAYOGLOU LANDSCAPE IN TEXTILES Alexandra Kehayoglou (Buenos Aires, 1981) is a visual artist who makes large sculptures mainly out of textile materials. The pieces are made with surplus materials from the family factory, El Espartano which has been manufacturing industrial carpets and rugs for more than 60 years. All works in this article (c) Alexandra Kehayoglou Her work includes a catalogue of was due to her collaboration with the transformation process of the geological memories of various native landscapes Belgian designer, Dries Van Noten, who phenomenon at the lunar-like island of that the artist has visited and desires to sponsored her and for whom she created Milos in the Cyclades, and how mankind preserve throughout time. Her pastizales her largest work to date, 50 metres long, has exploited this valuable information (grasslands), fields, shelters, tapestries and called Before and After. about the origins of our Earth through shields are like sublime realities which the mining and industrial use, causing the spectator can enjoy through contemplation In 2016 she presented the big installation or by making use of the piece. Each one rug piece No Longer Creek at Art Basel, is unique, having a texture, weave and in the Design at Large program, shouting Her work became established worldwide palette that cannot be repeated, and has out the decimation of the Raggio creek in as an outcry against deforestation and been created stemming from the family Buenos Aires, with the special sponsorship devastation, calling for environmental tradition yet giving new meaning to the of digital art platform ARTSY. awareness. It is also a warning against the craft of weaving by hand. 6 extinction of enriched minerals. extinction of wilderness as well as a strong Her most recent work “Repoussoir for a voice in favour of changing a culture which In 2014, her work became world renowned new perspective “ was exhibited in the does not seem to be too worried about the as part of one of the most outstanding Onassis Foundation of New York, as part drastic climate changes brought about by catwalks at the Paris Fashion Week. This of the festival Antigone Now, tackling the intense man’s presence on the Earth.