On Your Doorstep Issue 4 - Page 49

and then, the quiet. This was a place that allowed me to looking and experimenting with all aspects of photography feel “normal” for the time I was surrounded by all these but I am swaying towards wildlife and landscape. things, and the healing power of “Mother Nature” gave me immense headspace, a sense of calm and wellbeing. To anybody reading this who may have a mental health Eventually after a long road the passion for photography, condition, is disabled, feeling down or depressed or which started around 2005 when I photographed generally working too hard and unable to relax, I can’t everything (landscape, wildlife, macro, people - all okay stress enough the healing powers of “Mother Nature”. Go but not great), started to return. out to your local park, go for a walk in the countryside, along a canal or make your garden - whatever size - At first I enrolled on a course specifically for iPhone, wildlife friendly and feel the healing power that she holds. as this was the only camera that I would carry with me One thing I know is that if we don’t take care of her she when out with my dog. Whilst doing the course I started will be lost forever! to read more books and articles on photography and to experiment with different techniques and apps. This I hope I have inspired some of you to get outdoors and further ignited the passion to take my main DSLR out, and take in the ambience and who knows where this may lead here I am today. you, you might be inspired to write, paint, sketch, take up photography, bird watching or even join your local I am now retired from my job under medical grounds, I Wildlife Trust, National Trust or Ramblers Association but have purchased a Canon 5d MK11, a Canon 100-400 is remember whatever you do enjoy it. EF f4 lens, a Canon 70-200 f2.8 EF is lens and a Canon 17-40 EF lens 1:4 and enrolled on an online photography Below are some of the images that represent who I am degree course with the University of Creative Arts today. I am building a web site; look out for the URL (formally Open College of Arts). in the next issue. You can see my portfolio on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/copey1/) and the Royal The one question I get asked a lot is “What’s your area Photographic Society (http://www.rps.org/member/ of Photography?” The answer is I don’t know yet, I’m still gallery/paul-cope/Nature). 49