On Your Doorstep Issue 4 - Page 48

PAUL COPE THE POWER OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND MOTHER NATURE Well where do I start… Most people would say at the beginning, so that’s where I will start. I first met Mick and Karen at the Camping and Caravan club site in Clent, West Midlands around April, May 2015. All images in this article (c) Paul Cope At first, we passed pleasantries saying hello to each other I had been signed off work suffering from severe depression, whilst walking our dogs, and after a couple of days I got anxiety and stress that later, following a full psychiatric chatting to Karen where it transpired that we both not only assessment, was diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder had a passion for our beloved dogs, but also for photography. (PTSD). When the day came for me to attend the opening Karen explained that her reason for being at the site was the night of the exhibition, I was extremely nervous and scared, fact that she and her husband Mick were going around the as I would be in amongst groups of people and somewhere country choosing locations to explore and photograph for new. a project that they were doing entitled “On Your Doorstep”. This was since most people didn’t have a clue that right on My wife Maxine came along with me and even though it was their doorstep they had amazing areas. I asked Karen why she stressful, seeing my photograph displayed within Karen and chose this location and she informed me that they had placed Mick’s collection gave me a sense of pride, determination and a pin in a map and Stourbridge was where it landed. (Seems hope for the future. Karen’s black & white images worked like a good way as a Ѽݕ䁵ɕѡ܁$х䁥̸$)ɕ٥ͱ䁕ɥѕݥѠхݡє)ѕȁѥѠ́ͥѡˊḛ́͡Ё$݅́Ѽȸ=ɕѥ$չ)ݡЁѡɽЁ݅́Ё٥ѕѼЁѡЁɥѡȁɽ̰ѡѽ)ѕȁѡѥѥѡЁ݅́ոЁѡѡ܁ͥ%ԁЁݥѡЁȁ)ѥ͡и-ɕ٥ѕݥ$Ѽѡɥمє͕ͥ́ѡ̰̰͡ѕɕ̰Ѡ́͡)٥ݥѡ́ѡ䁡хɽչѡѥѡɕЁɅ́ѡȁȁݡєݥѡ)ѡ䁉ɔЁ݅́ѼѼѡՉᡥѥ$ЁѽՍݥѠ-ɕ͕ͥ)Qᡥѥ݅́Ёѡ ]ɕ͔ͽ䁥́ѼȰݡٕ͡Ѽ͕)Mѽɉɥݡ݅́Ёȁ݅䁙ɽݡɔ$ٔ-ɕ)ͼɵѡЁ䁥݅́Ս͙ձ䁍͕́Uչѕ䰁ѡԁAQMݽ͕)ݥȰЁݽձᡥѕͥѡȁݸ$ձeЁ݅ȁɽ̰ɽչɽ́)ձeЁݡɔݡɔЁ݅́䁅)ݥɕɹɅѥѡͥʹȁѡ݅́ѕи)$ѕɕѡѥѥQɕͽ$Ёѡ͔݅́Ѽ݅䁉ٕ)Ѽ䁅镵Ё$ 䰁ѡЁѡЁݔٔ́)ݽQ́݅́ѡЁѡȁ͔Ё$ѥձЁЁѼѡ)ѥѥ'eٕȁɔݥѡЁ٥Ѽȁɽ̸)ѕɕͼԁձ)$ٕ͕ٕ݅́ѡ՝䁕ѡͥʹȁѽɅ䁡ݥ)QѡЁ́ѡ$䃊qtݡ啐՝Ёɕٕ)ѽͥѡɅ䰁ٕ݅́ȁѡ́Ѓq5ѡ)9ɗtѕѼѡɕЁͽչѡɑ̰()ɽչѡѥѡɽ̰ѡɑ̰ѡѱѡݥѡɕ̰ѡ)ѕɥѡѥѥ͵ѡ܁ѡɅ̰ѡ݅ɵѠѡո