On Your Doorstep Issue 4 - Page 4

CONTENTS LANDSCAPE IN TEXTILES 6 Alexandra Kehayoglou’s work work in- cludes memories of native landscapes that she has visited and desires to preserve MUSHROOM MAGIC 14 Leon Taylor’s black and white images of the mushrooms on his doorstep show the wonder of the smaller things in nature EARTH STANDS STILL 14 22 Nils Karlson: What once was balancing stability and change, has become fragile and delicate due to the impact of mankind 66 6 4 On Your Doorstep magazine is the love child of Karen Thurman, Lisa Dorenfest and Mick Thurman. By showing the immense beauty of nature and inviting other artists to do the same, we use art to inspire Gaia’s protection. Want to contribute? Three simple rules: 1. It must be your own work... 2. ..and of your country of residence... 3... and of nature For more information email info@on-your-doorstep.org Editors: Karen & Mick Thurman, Lisa Dorenfest, David Foster Issue 4, published online April 2017 All images are (c) their makers.