On Your Doorstep Issue 4 - Page 22

NILS KARLSON EARTH STANDS STILL Nils Karlson is a passionate collector of colour and light, often accompanied by his dog pack known as The Boy Band. Using film in several formats and packing too many cameras, he searches the coasts of Europe for subtle colours, silence and serenity. In 2016 he published “Earth Stands Still“, which sold out in two months. His works have been included in exhibitions in Bochum, St. Louis, and Barcelona, as well in the [H\X]H8'U'['Hو[x' H\ܚ[ۈHXۙHX\Y]H M˂]ۘH\[[[X[]H[[K\XYHY[H[[X]HYHH[\XوX[[ H\H[\[Y]]\KYH]\ܙ]H[]][X[8$][X[[^\]]]\K\x&YX[ZB[\H]]H\[[]\KH[X]\]\H[HܙX]\[Z[]KH[[H\HY\H\HۙۙۙH[ܙ[[Y[X][HܙYY[\ܙ8$]H[\\ H\HۛH[\ܘ[ Z[H\]^HHHYH[]Y Y[Y[Y [Y\X]Y\[[وH\XH[Y8'Yx' HYZ܈[[K[K[XXK[ۙ]^H\H\[[ۜH^ܙHH\[]\و]\K]HXYXܜ\وH[\\[H]\H\[Hو\\[ۈو[YH8$HHY][[XXHوHX[\ܘ\\HH[[ܘ[]H[\ܛ[HB[H\وH][Xˈ]Y[]X[ܙHYH[HY\[Y[^H\ܝ [H[YH[ܙHو[&Hܚ]˛[Z\ۋB'XX[HH[HH]\ܘ\H]ܚ][ˈH\HH[Y\H܈^H[\'B[[XY\[\\XH H[\ۂ