On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 86

On The Pegs from washing bikes and things like that, it gets up there as far as man hours and cash. Do you have snacks and stuff at lunch for the riders or does everybody just bring their own food? Typically at GNCC’s in particu- lar, we have what’s called the hospitality area. That’s always at the amateur area which is by the finish or somewhere. We’ll provide drinks and snacks and things like that. Occasionally we’ll have a catered food come in. All the races we have a hospi- tality area. My wife Kristin helps out with a lot of that. We’ve kind of put together a list of what row the rid- ers are on each race so that we know where they’re at so we have our certain spotters that are following the riders and things like that. We kind of make sure that we know where they’re at at the start of the race and then service them throughout the race. riders from three different countries, that I know of, at that caliber. Grant Baylor’s going to be on the US Junior Trophy Team. Obviously we’ve got Jesper Berjesson – he’s getting ready to do Sweden’s team on the junior team. And then Tayla Jones on women’s pro for Australia. I’ve seen her the last three Six Days and she is absolutely amazing. She’s like the perfect pro rider for any team owner. She carries herself so well. My wife even says it – if we had ten or years with Rocky Mountain this year. So basically our team is Rocky Mountain ATV MC KR4 Husqvarna motorcycles is what it technically is. Timmy Weigand at Husqvarna really helps us out. He helps us out with motorcy- cles throughout the year. Helps us out with parts. It goes to an executive level. I think they re- ally see the need to be a partner with us. So sum up the program for us? I think there’s a lot of people are probably confused on what we do. I think it all starts with our Pro program. Then you can go into the amateur program and then all the way down to the Grass roots. But at the end of the day we’re just enthusiasts and we love GNCC racing, all the races – full gas, NEPG as well. Alan Randt is a huge supporter of our program. He really over the past four or five years, every year he does more and more for us. He supplies us with whatev- er we need for the whole team. They’re a great organization as well. n “ Any rider in our pro r team or in our amateu g in t n e r e n o y n a r o , m a e t na.” r a v q s u H ll a ’s it , e ik b a You will have three riders racing Six Days. You’ve got to be pretty proud about that. Yeah, we’re pretty excited about that. I didn’t really real- ize it but if you think about it, I don’t know of any other team that really has ever had three so Tayla’s we basi- cally would probably have a lot better results. But she carries herself – social media, every- thing across the board. She’s like the perfect role model for any company, really. So basically what it boils down to besides supplying amateurs with bikes at the pro level, you’re sort of a feeder program for Husky? That is correct. Our team itself, our title sponsor is Rocky Mountain. I’m going on three