On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 85

On The Pegs Vol. 2 Issue 8 - August 2017 had Jason Thomas on board with us. He was with me for a couple years. Then we have Chris Bach on board with us. He went over to the Honda team after that. Then we had Nick Da- vis was with us for two or three years. From there he moved over with Beta. So, we kind of portray ourselves as being a feeder team to the pro teams. Tell us about your Grass Roots program. With the Grass Roots program, we found that riders really want to be part of a team like ours so we developed a KR4 Grass Roots program that basically allows any rider that wants to be part of the program to ride any type of non-OEM- oriented mo- torcycle. Then we basically extend offers across the board. The rider has to use our graphics, our full team graphics. They purchase those from us and then from there the sky’s the limit based on what they want to do. If they want to come and do some of our training schools or if they want to just basically plug us on social media and things like that. We’ve got riders that buy our graphics through HBD. They purchase our graphics. We have riders that we’ve never even met but they still love the KR4 Arrive ‘n Ride program and they want to be a part of that. So, that’s kind of how the KR4 Grass roots program came to be. On your main program, is that strictly Husqvarna mo- torcycles? When somebody comes in, are they renting a Husky or can they rent anoth- er brand? Our relationship with Husqvarna – this is going on its third year with them – is direct to Husqvarna. Any rider in our pro team or in our amateur team, or anyone renting a bike, it’s all Husqvarna products. The Grass roots program was a P 85 that, so they’re not really do- ing our program anymore but they’re still affiliated with us maybe through Grassroots or things like that. It’s always been roughly around a good fifteen to twenty riders usually in a weekend. Do you have any guys that come to you and say, “I want to ride the whole year?” Yeah. That’s the second part of our whole program is that the KR4 amateur team is basi- cally we have riders that pur- chase a package for the whole season. So, we provide them with whichever bike they want to race. Part of that package is the preparation of that motorcycle at each event, and then transportation of that bike each race, and then any kind of mechanical work throughout the year if anything happens or if something breaks or things like that. “We’ve had up to 23 riders at one race under our tent...” great way to introduce our sponsors, whether it be a bike or any type of product to our riders that want to try that out and maybe hopefully buy that product or use it. What’s the most number of riders you’ve had under your tent at any one race? We’ve had up and around 23 riders at one race. It kind of fluctuates a little bit. Riders get more interested in other sports and things like that. We’ve had a couple riders that went to college and things like We’ve had a few muddy races here lately. I’ve got to think that that’s a big head- ache when you’ve got 23 bikes sitting under your tent and they’re all muddy. Cleanup is a lot of work, espe- cially after a race like the X Fac- tor. Just the amount of fuel we spend going to the races and then that, but the water we use from washing bikes and things like that, it gets up there as far