On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 84

On The Pegs and then I have another me- chanic, Aaron Evans, is our other mechanic that helps at the track. He helps out with any kind of major mechanical – motor jobs, things like that. Suspension is his forte. Then I also have my older son, Collin Keegan who helps with prep- ping bikes. Obviously myself, I do that as well. You have a website that explains all of this? It does. I’m in the middle of revamping it. We’re actually about ready to put a new whole website out. It’s just about finished. We’re working on that as well. But it’s all on there. It explains every- thing. program is rubbing shoulders with guys like Grant Baylor. Yeah, for sure. That’s part of the benefit of the program is that they’re right there with the pro rider and able to see what he’s do- ing. Yes. All of our pros give great feedback to our amateur riders, or our single event rental guys that come in. They’re always picking their brains a little bit about what they should do and shouldn’t do and things like that. It’s nice having a caliber rider like Grant Baylor who’s real good with teaching all different series that we run. Our riders coming to participate in our KR4 Arrive ’n Ride pro- gram rely on us providing them a factory-level experience. We are able to do this through our team sponsors’ expert support and it helps us to get riders on the podium every weekend. KR4 offers same commitment to riders of all levels. We have roughly for this year we’ve got through our pro team, our amateur team, and we have another program that’s called Grass roots, we have roughly around 30 riders that are part of our umbrella of riders that use us. The barriers for the sport of enduro are being knocked down by teams like KR4. “All of our pros give r u o o t k c a b d e e f t a e r g amateur riders...” Tell me a little bit about your background. My dad was an avid trail rider with his buddies back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. I started racing when I was 16, 17, 18 or so, is when I re- ally started racing. My brother, Brian Keegan, raced as well. He raced and trained with Freddie Andrews. My brother actu- ally won a GNCC in I think late 2000s. So he and myself have always been in the top ten in the GNCC circuit. I raced against Eddie Lojak and Scott Summers, Scott Plessinger, Shane Watts. An amateur who’s going to rent a bike and ride in your the kids and things like that. Tayla as well. She holds her own as well. Last year you launched Thad DuVall into a factory ride, since Thad and KR4 beat the factory teams in the Sprint Enduro Series. KR4 is a leading develop- ment team participating in the world of enduro. Our reputa- tion extends globally, and for this reason we have been able to track riders like Thad Duvall, Tayla Jones, Jesper Borjesson, in How was it working with Thad last year? Thad was with us for two years. He came from Honda and came on board with us. He’s probably one of the most talented riders that I’ve ever experienced when it comes to pure, raw talent. He’s got some great skills that a lot of the other riders don’t have. I don’t even think Thad realized what he has. It was great working with him and basically just getting him to that next level, which is what we try to portray ourselves as being a satellite feeder team. We want to be a feeder team to pro teams. It started out back