On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 37

On The Pegs Vol. 2 Issue 8 - August 2017 P 37 better external finish. NEW FUEL TANK CAP Better sealing and easier to use thanks to an increase in di- ameter and an increase in o-ring seal thickness, as well as re-de- signing the top section to make it easier to open and close. REAR BRAKE HOSE GUIDES Looking for perfection at all times, the new guides provide better automatic adjustment on the rear brake hose when tight- ening the chain with no abra- sion of the swing-arm finish. FORGED FOOT-REST SUP- PORTS New design with the objective to better withstand the stresses that the foot-rest makes upon it, improving as well the strength, and the finish. crankshaft rotation. CDI CONNECTOR IM- PROVED Improved quality and a better seal at the connector. HARD-ANODIZED KICK- START PEDAL This new design improves the pedal action including a stron- ger anodized finish. HOMOLOGATION EURO4 All displacements 250, 280 and 300 cc are conformed to run legally within the new Eur4 homologation standards. CHASSIS CHASSIS IMPROVEMENTS High level tests during these past months have focused upon improving the strength and manufacturing precision of certain structural components of the chassis. NEW GRAPHICS The new graphics enhance the TRS One and the alumi- num chassis style, achieving at same time a more race-look thanks to the stickers placed upon the chassis, that act as well to protect the chassis from potential scratches. R16V REAR SHOCK ABSORB- REAR SPROCKET PROTEC- ER SETTINGS TOR  New settings offer a softer touch on compression and bet- ter control on rebound. NEW FUEL TANK Improvements to the bottom for a larger capacity as well as a Stronger and more flexible material. n