On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 36

On The Pegs ON THE HORIZON 2018 TRS ONE The new 2018 TRS ONE is here. The model itself contin- ues to be developed with the support of three second posi- tions in the World Trial & X-Trial Championship, and maintains the pure essence of its prede- cessor, complementing it with evolution tested in the high- est levels of competition by the TRS factory riders. The first units of the new ONE will be produced in the new TRS factory in Sant Pedor (Barcelo- na) and first deliveries will take place in July. The new 2018 TRS ONE will be added to the catalogue togeth- er with the Raga Racing model as well as the soon to arrive into production, the new TRS One 125, 125 TRRS 125 RR and the TRS X-Track 250, all scheduled to be available beginning in October. NEW FEATURES  INSIDE NEW DESIGN Optimization of the crankcase interior to improve performance thanks to the experience and tests developed on the Trial GP. REVISED CRANKSHAFT TOLERANCES The engine will run with re- duced crankshaft assembly fric- t