On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 29

On The Pegs Pro Trials rider, Pro Extreme Enduro rider and Pro Endu- rocross rider Quinn Wentzel claimed his third win in five years (2013, 2014, 2017) at the AMA Off-Road Vintage Grand National Championships at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Ohio. Fellow Trials rider Jim Gawne won the AMA Off- Road Senior Vintage Grand Champion award. Quinn rode a 1973 Husqvar- na 250 in the 250 A Class in the Friday hare scramble, finishing second to 2015 and 2016 Champion Trevor Kline. Going into the Motocross contest on Saturday, Wentzel knew he had to have a win to have a chance at the title. And rode two classes - Open A Classs on a 1974 Penton 400 and 250 A Class on a 1974 Vol. 2 Issue 8 - August 2017 Can-Am 250. In the first Moto, Wentzel had two decent starts respectively, but could not get out in front of Kline and finished second in both motos. After a brief intermis- sion and a strong self-pep talk, he went out in moto 2 and got great starts in both races. In the Open A class, Wentzel got out in front and didn’t look back, riding smart and flawless and took the win over Kline. In the 250 A class, Wentzel again got a great start and was second at the first turn, while Kline was four riders back. Wentzel got around the rider in first place, putting dis- tance between him and Kline. Kline moved into second on the third lap, but Wentzel held his pace and held Kline off until Kline ran off the track P 29 trying to pass Wentzel, giving Wentzel the easy win. Wentzel came out of the motocross with two wins, which was important, because Kline had already won the hare scramble and Wentzel couldn’t afford for him to have a motocross win because there wouldn’t have been enough people in the trials event to separate the points to give Quinn the win. Win- ning both motocross races was monumental. Going into Sunday’s trials event they were tied 1 and 1. The trials would be the tie-breaker. With Wentzel’s strong trials experi- ence, he was confident he would win the trials, therefore cinching the title, which he did - with Trevor finishing third in the Trials. Gawne rode the Plus 40 “A” Class and finished second in the hare scramble and fourth in the motocross. In the Trials, Gawne rode the “Factory Expert “ Class, fin- ishing second overall in that class,but Finished 1st among the Plus 40 Riders, Giving Him the Overall Grand Champion Win. n