On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 153

On The Pegs June comes then goes and just like that the mototrials national season is over! See- ing as this is my first column, I thought I’d start with introduc- ing a little about myself: My name is Daniel Blanc-Gonnet, I’m 22 years old, and am from Portland, Oregon. Aside from being a professional mototrials rider, I recently graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in mechanical engineer- ing and will start my first full time job this coming August at Integrated Solutions Inc in Phoenix, AZ. In order to stay sane between training for trials and studying for engineering, I occupy much of my little free Vol. 2 Issue 8 - August 2017 time with mountain biking, sail- ing, and just plain adventuring. This year, along with achieving the milestone of graduating from Oregon State University, I finished 6th in the NATC Na- tional Mototrials Championship aboard my Montesa 300RR over the 8 round series just a couple points shy of the next step up. While disappointed by just improving one position in the championship from last year, I was proud of the improvements made and took note of where I need to go for next year to get to the next level. Now that the US national season is over, my focus shifted from riding the abrupt stop- P 153 style sections of the nationals, to the smooth, flowing no-stop sections of the world champion- ship and the Trial Des Nations… oh and of course my new job! Luckily, I had a couple weeks at the beginning of July to take a quick break from riding to reset and decompress before a jamb packed next couple of months. An interesting fact about my family is that my father is from France and my mother is from Brazil, which means that all my family lives very far away! Hav- ing this down time meant I was able to travel to Brazil for two weeks where I would visit family I haven’t seen in over 7 years and also enjoy the warm Brazil- ian winter days on the beach. While I was there, I tried learn- ing to surf; fortunately for me, I ride trials because surfing is not my calling. This mini break from riding wasn’t all fun and games, as upon returning from Brazil I had to get my wisdom teeth removed before returning to my training program. As I’m writing this, there are two weeks to go until the US World Champion- ship in Kingman, AZ and unfor- tunately I am still sitting in my living room recovering from the wisdom teeth removal. Hope- fully in the next couple days I will fully recovered and be able to continue training. Until next time, On The Pegs readers! n