On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 125

On The Pegs Vol. 2 Issue 8 - August 2017 P 125 marker and just didn’t even really go for it. Everyone else punched. I didn’t want to crash again, so I didn’t take a chance there and just took a five on the second lap. Then the third lap Marc found another line and they told me he cleaned it, so I had to try it obviously. I went for it and got the clean, so it was good to do that. It was still a big one, a tricky one. Just third gear wide open without much run. You’re starting on a one-rock ledge and then you go to the dirt and you could easily spin and lose all drive. I just put it in third and pinned it and made it to the top, so it felt really good to make that one after a crash and a punch. When everyone else is punching it, it’s always good to be able to get through it. “On the second and third loops I would say certain sections got better, certain ones got worse. It just depended on the dirt, how the soil was. Some of it just got really deep and chewed out and nasty. Once you put your front tire in you were kind of locked in. I actually had a point in section one the first lap because I set my front end in the rut and just couldn’t steer to catch my balance and ended up taking one there just on basically the flat ground setting up. So, that was a bit frustrating. Then other ones got a little bit more traction. Just de- pended on how deep it was getting and everything. Overall I was able to stay pretty consistent and had my best loop score after that on the third lap. That says something, but it was also just getting more confidence in everything and putting everything together a little bit better. “After it was over, I was pretty kind of emotional really just because of all the work I put in. Really feeling it paid off is just something that you always strive for and want to see happen, but it doesn’t always go that way. So, to put in all the extra effort over the winter and struggling through some adverse weather conditions and frustration just to see it pay off and actually have a good result in the muddiest conditions was really rewarding and something I’ll remember in the future when I need to work on something. All those times when you bang your head against the wall and just can’t figure it out and spending hours and hours on certain things and when it pays off it’s all worth it.   “On Sunday, on lap two I just had a couple pretty nasty crashes actually that shook me up a little bit. I was lucky to walk away from them uninjured. Bumps and bruises. It scared me a little bit too. It was like, okay, I got to finish this thing. I can’t be crashing on all this stuff. There were just some hard sections. The second loop I just rode after a couple other guys and it was just a little bit slicker than I anticipated and just spun. One was not the right line choice given the conditions. Just slid off the face of a kicker rock and came back down. That one hurt pretty good. Then just had too many mistakes today to keep up with Marc. He was on point and riding really, really well. After those crashes I knew it was out the window and was just like, okay, I just got to finish this thing and stay solid and hope to stay in second at least. Andrew was riding really well, too. Overall, did what I had to do and happy with the championship. Would have been nice to end on a little better day, but I know Marc wanted the same. It’s tough to do both. Overall just got to be happy with the year in a whole. Really excited for the future. “