On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 119

On The Pegs Vol. 2 Issue 8 - August 2017 P 119 five points, followed by Brad Howard with seven and Michael Leonard with 31. The All Clubman line was won by Wayne Galvin with six points, with second place going to Justin Johnson with eight. Third place was Garrison Hayes with 13. Ray Peters topped the All-Ex- pert Sportsman line again, this time with eight points. Elliott Key was second with 45 and Jason Waldo was third with 47. Local legend Wayne Galvin on the All Clubman line on Sunday. 37 points and Scorpa rider Alex Myers with 37. After eight rounds, Smage finished the season with 225 points and five wins, with Freixa ending up in the runner-up po- sition with 211 points and three. Putt was third on the year with 169 points, while Roper (137) and Niederer (113) rounded out the top five. Smage is now just one championship away from tying North America’s all-time career titleholder Geoff Aaron, who sits atop the NATC record book with 10 US National Moto- Trials titles. In the Support classes, Madi- son Leigh topped the Women’s division on Sunday with a score of 57, beating out Sadie Webb with 64 and Caroline Altman with 68. Michael Meschede scored 67 points to win the SR 60 class over Kunio Watanabe with 71 and Marvin Edgington with 97. Devin Hightman topped the Junior class with 52 points, while Ethan Goetz was second with 52 points, while Mitchell Littlefield was third with 70. Sunday’s All Support line winner was Juan Canellas with RESULTS Saturday 1. Pat Smage (Shr) 31 2. Marc Freixa (Mon) 37 3. Andrew Putt (Shr) 78 4. Bryan Roper (GG) 103 5. Alex Niederer (GG) 118 6. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet (Mon) 7. Sam Fastle (Shr) 142 8. Quinn Wentzel (Sco) 160 Sunday 1. Marc Freixa (Mon) 23 2. Pat Smage (Shr) 34 3. Andrew Putt (Shr) 40 4. Bryan Roper (GG) 74 5. Alex Niederer (GG) 102 6. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet (Mon) 7. Sam Fastle (Shr) 128 8. Quinn Wentzel (Sco) 148 Full Results HERE.