On The Pegs August 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - Page 117

On The Pegs Vol. 2 Issue 8 - August 2017 P 117 Bryan Roper finished fourth on both days for a consistent weekend. 95.5 points to take the win over Gas Gas North America’s Mad- eleine Hoover, who had 113.5 points. In the Expert division, Gas Gas’ Drew Fortner topped Sherco USA’s Josh Roper by 13 points, 91 to 114. In the Expert-Sportsman division, Jason Waldo got the win over Brandon Maynard, 83 points to 90, with Grayson Her- trich coming in third just one point behind Maynard at 91. Ray Peters took the Senior Expert-Sportsman win with 24 points, followed by Canadian Tom Farr with 96 and Todd Roper with 103. Elliott Key topped all entries in the High School Class, fin- ishing the day with 90 points. William Check was second with 99 and Will Myers was third with 108.5. In the SR 50 division, Brad Howard turned in an amazing 25-point ride, with Mark Sturta- vant finishing second with 85. Jody Bliss was third with 88. Juan Canellas won the All- Support line with 25 points, beating out Brad Howard on cleans. Canellas