On The Horizon 2019 - Page 8

scheduled Aug. 9-11 and again between Aug. 16-18. Doudt and her team have been seeing growing success in bringing guest directors to help with shows in Rockwall. Though she was the only director to run shows for the organization’s first three seasons, Doudt said the group tries to find at least one guest director each year to give people a new experience. “We’ve had some wonderful people come out here and director for us,” Doudt said. “That also gives everybody a chance to work with someone else in the area. Those guests help also bring people in from around the Dallas-Fort Worth area to our shows.” Additionally, guest directors spread word to other performance artists outside of the area, which helps Rockwall’s immersion into the broader theater commu- nity in north Texas and beyond. The organization’s main mission, Doudt said, will al- ways be to give Rockwallians a Broadway experience. 8 On the Horizon SPRING 2019