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school and Heath’s northern stretch of neigh- borhoods along FM 740, or Ridge Road. The CVS kickstarted development on the small patch of triangular land, created when FM 740 was re-routed to line up with Lawrence Drive. In addition to a small, already complet- ed strip center wirth medical offices and other businesses, the property will soon be home to a multi-story office building and the new location of Standard Service, a Rockwall restaurant that has become a local favorite in its brief time on the scene. “Instead of sitting back and letting whatever businesses want to develop here come and do so, we’ve taken a very discerning about which projects to seek out, support and incentivize.” Alexander specifically mentioned the Hidden Creek events center as a great example, and as the first of its kind in Heath. “Hidden Creek has been a good partner since the beginning,” Alexander said. “We helped out with that project and, in turn, we are still able to use their events space for city meetings or events as needed, and it’s gotten us a lot of attention from neighboring communities.” Alexander mentioned a few other examples of the city’s tete-a-tetes with new business proj- ects, including one of the most highly anticipat- ed new businesses yet: a Tom Thumb grocery store at the intersection of Lawrence Drive and FM 549. “When the Tom Thumb developers first start- ed on those plan s, we sat down with them to talk about what other businesses would come into the strip center, “Alexander said, noting the city’s particular wariness of just any busi- ness making its way into the building with Tom Thumb. “As it turns out, they had the same vision for meaningful business development as the city’s.” Like McLendon-Chisholm, Alexander said that Heath has conducted multiple resident surveys to determine the desired outcome of business development, with many residents saying they wanted more “green space,” some- thing she says Standard Service is taking to heart. “If you want to see a business that really exemplifies Heath’s vision for future devel- opment and really brings it all together, look at Standard Service,” Alexander said of the still under-construction restaurant. “It will be a larger space for them, but they also have a wonderful plan for an outdoor green space and an outdoor marketplace. The kind of place where parents can hang out and keep their kids closeby.” SPRING 2019 On the Horizon 23