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Nadia Melendez, at left, learns a new piece of music during her piano lesson at Mary Melodies Music Studio, which opened in February in down- town Royse City. At right, instructor Tanner Glaess walks Ian Melendez through a tune during his lesson. they can do with their musical talents. “Here, our goal is to teach students to play and sing what they want to play and sing,” Hannah said. “I ask them, ‘What do you want to do with piano? What do you want to do with clarinet? What do you want to do with drums or guitar? Because we teach it all.” Students, of course, are given a strong foundation in music theory and are taught how to practice different scales and progressions. But lesson plans are individualized for the style of music each student wants to play. And just as how she gives students the freedom to pursue their music within the boundaries of good prac- tices and technique, Hanna gives that same freedom to the tutors who teach at the studio as it relates to their lesson plans. She said she and her staff try to implement an air of brevity and fun to music that some schools tend to ignore. Hanna said she works with parents to talk to them about good practice meth- ods and not giving children anxiety when they play music. For Hanna, it’s all very simple. “If you don’t have fun, you’re not going to stick with it,” she said. With the studio all put together, Han- na said she is looking forward to train- ing students how to properly perform at a recital through organizing local shows for the community. Roo f ng C k c i t s o. Bo Jack Bostick, Owner 214-208-2275 18 On the Horizon SPRING 2019 P.O. Box 351 Royse City, TX 75189