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Last November, the Fate City Council held a special joint meeting with the Economic Development Committee and the Planning and Zoning Commission to plan more aggressively and efficiently for future growth in the city.  “The message has been consistent from all of these brands. Now, Fate is on their radar,” Weiss said. “As they look at their capital plans to expand their footprint, Fate is now something that they’re considering.” But Fate residents have been clamor- ing for more entertainment and dining options in the city as well, according to results of an 2018 survey that was circulated online for the purposes of a meeting last year to discuss economic development. Weiss said the downtown revitaliza- tion project that the city has planned will be part of bringing those types of businesses to Fate. “Part of the challenge that a fast-growing community has is being able to demonstrate to the market that it is viable for a variety of commercial interests,” Weiss said. “Once the first one comes in, that establishes a success story that other businesses can look at.” As for entertainment, Weiss said Fate has a unique opportunity to match the disruptive changes brought by consum- ers who are more drawn to experienc- es. “When you look at the big shopping malls, they’re all pretty much dying. But they’re now converting those into more experiential establishments. Now the shopping experience is getting blended with this new type of enter- tainment,” he continued. “We’re looking for ways to keep our folks here, to provide opportunities for Quality, compassionate care for more than 30 years. SPECIALIZING IN: Surgery • Sports Medicine  Joint Replacements • Injections Todd C. Johnson, M.D., FAAOS Garland Office 2241 Peggy Lane, Suite A Garland, TX 75042 Phone: 972-276-0536 Fax: 972-276-6037 Rockwall Office 1975 Alpha Dr #204 Rockwall, TX 75087 Phone: 972-276-0536 Fax: 972-276-6037 www.osmcg.com them to enjoy their family and their friends. We want them to have a night- life, to be able to sit down at a restau- rant for dinner if they wanted. We’re looking at all of the things that create a sense of place.” Aside from the excitement of growth, however, Weiss said it’s also important for city officials to keep in mind what devel- opments will be beneficial long-term. “Right now, we’re predominantly a bedroom community, but here in our near future – based on our population growth commercial pressure is going to keep coming. We just need to handle that pressure in a way that is smart for our future,” he said. “Not just here and now to have something, but to build in a way that is durable and lasting.” ROCKWALL ACUPUNCTURE “Ancient Medicine for a Modern World” Kathy Wanderer, R.N. L.Ac. Registered Nurse, Licensed Acupuncturist 1105B Ridge Road, Rockwall, TX 75087 972-772-3327 www.rockwallacupuncture.com SPRING 2019 On the Horizon 15