On The Horizon 2019 - Page 13

Downtown Rockwall has become a lively gathering place not only on weekends, but throughout the week and especially during the many community events held throughout the year there, including popular and festive Christmas and July Fourth parades. a lot of these old town squares,” Johnson said, “but the boom in just the short time I’ve been here has really been incredible. It’s great that people see the value of taking these old buildings, reno- vating them, and then we end up getting business from other areas as people come to shop and eat right here in Rockwall.” Rockwall City Councilman Patrick Trowbridge, who served on the Rockwall Planning and Zoning Commission before be- ing elected to the council, says the phrase he likes to use for the growth of downtown Rockwall is that it’s becoming “more burg- ers and beer – less beads and baubles.” “It’s really an amazing thing we’re seeing with the business growth in downtown Rockwall, and it coincides with the in- creasingly young age of Rock- wall residents,” Trowbridge ex- plained. “But the really amazing thing I’m seeing is that our older residents, many of whom might have loved to get breakfast at, say, the 66 Diner, are also taking to the new businesses – like The Book Club Cafe – really well.” Like Johnson, Trowbridge said his vision for future business growth in Rockwall is largely centered on comprehensive de- velopment and on business and residential areas that truly allow families from all walks of life to “live, work and play” right here in Rockwall. Johnson says the downtown square is extremely important because of its capacity to bring people together, whether that be over a meal at Bin 303, over a beer at the forthcoming Siren Rock Brewing Company, or at one of the many downtown communi- ty events held all year long. “I just can’t say enough about all of the fun stuff going on downtown and year-round, like the farmers market, Scare on the Square, the multiple parades and Christmas attractions, or the Rib Rub Run & Roll,” Johnson noted. “It’s things like those that really do make downtown – and Rockwall as a whole – spe- cial. If you want dinner at an Applebee’s or something, that’s fine and we still have that, but downtown offers its own unique Rockwall experience.” SPRING 2019 On the Horizon 13