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The annual Hot Rocks Bike Ride, with four routes ranging from 12 to 24 miles, draws hundreds to Rockwall each year; entry fees fund Rotary Club scholarships for local students. filled – some by restaurants now receiving rave reviews and being hailed as new staples of Rockwall dining, like Sideways Barbecue and burger joint Rodeo Goat. The Harbor’s new management has conducted a massive cleanup effort of the premises, which had fallen into disrepair as more and more of its keystone businesses and restaurants left. In addition to the revitaliza- tion of the Harbor’s retail spac- es, PegasusAblon and the city of Rockwall have also actively pursued the new construction of apartment and condominium buildings at the property’s north and west ends, hoping to create a mixed-use neighborhood that will make the Harbor an active, 12 On the Horizon SPRING 2019 lively daily gathering place, and not just a place to drive to for a movie or dinner on Friday nights. Rockwall is also preparing for an entirely new growth spurt along the State Highway 205 corridor, known as Goli- ad Street, from Interstate 30 northward; the roadway is set for sweeping improvements and expansion by the Texas Depart- ment of Transportation in the next several years, with plans to widen the road at every point from Terrell to north of Rock- wall and eventually move the SH 205 and SH 276 intersection a bit further south. Much of Rockwall’s recent growth has also coincided with continuing eastward expansion, particularly by retail businesses and car dealerships. Although constrained by Fate on that side, the eventual TxDOT expansion of I-30 itself promises to contin- ue the expansion of Rockwall’s business footprint toward Fate, including the multi-complex Rockwall Technology Park on FM 549. Rockwall’s downtown square has also experienced a revi- talization in the past several years, and it now houses a number of restaurants and shops that attract patrons from other communities in addition to being favorites of the city’s residents. “That’s just what happens with CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE