On the Coast – Over 55 Issue 26 I November/December 2018 - Page 9

How Coasties can help Fistulas are a 100% preventable with medical intervention. ƒ ƒ $20–$50 will pay for transport of a woman to hospital ƒ ƒ $70 will pay for a delivery in hospital ƒ ƒ $100 will pay for a Caesarean in hospital Find out how your workplace can help or donate securely on line at www.barbaramayfoundation.com Afar family just outside our hospital AM, a nurse, have quietly raised enough money to build the Barbara May Maternal Health Care Hospital in Afar Ethiopia. “Afar is the world’s hottest inhabited place and more women die in Afar during childbirth than any other place in the world,” he says. “The Barbara May Hospital is one of only two maternal health care hospitals in the Afar area of Ethiopia, servicing a population of 1.5 million; many of whom will travel for days to get medical assistance.” Dr Browning who has cared for more than 10,000 fistula patients and helped 40,000 women deliver their babies in Africa, recently returned home with wife Stephanie and his two sons 9 and 12 – to live in Copacabana. He will now spend four months of the year in Africa, and the rest of the time in Australia fundraising and recruiting volunteer medical staff for his two latest hospitals – one in Ethiopia and one in Tanzania which collectively treat 6000 patients a year. “Medicine is not building up possessions, it’s about giving back,” he says. “The biggest reward is always the patients, some who will travel three days to bring a chicken to say thank you. “Or sometimes it’s simply seeing a survivor make it their life mission to find other women and help them.” He said the Foundation has had amazing support from Australians – and a single gold coin donation from about 25% of staff at Royal Prince Alfred, Canterbury, Liverpool and Bowral Hospitals allowed one hospital to operate for an entire year. Operating in Tanzania NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 – ISSUE 26 9