On the Coast – Over 55 Issue 26 I November/December 2018 - Page 25

Annie Bilton and Sally Jope (Primary Ethics teachers) with their grandchildren at Umina Beach Public School – Clockwise from top left; James Griffith, Annie Bilton, Sally Jope, Max Johnson, Elena Johnson, Sabine Johnson, Annabelle Griffith. Sabine will start school in 2019 and her mother plans to be teaching the 2019 Kinder class. Generations of Primary Ethics teachers at UBPS! Photo by Andrea Buschner it’s helping us with behaviour management, or showing us more effective facilitation methods,” said Ms Bilton, who teaches both a Year 2 and a Year 6 class. Ethics classes run during the same period as Special Religious Education (SRE) and occur weekly in many NSW schools, generally lasting for 30 minutes. Ethics is a unique program, teaching vital skills,and a value-adding alternative to the “dead time” that traditionally has been ‘non-scripture’. The Primary Ethics curriculum covers 79 topics across all four stages of primary education. Each of the 245 lessons have been approved for age-appropriateness by the Department of Education. Visit primaryethics.com.au for more information, to learn about enrolling your child or becoming a volunteer. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 – ISSUE 26 25